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5 Tips To Light Up Your Garden With Solar Lights!

Posted by AN PHIL on

With the summer weather warming up nights and making it far more enjoyable to spend time in the garden, why not enjoy the time available and have some fun? However, you could make the night time escapades and evening BBQ’s even more magical and memorable by adding in some Solar Garden Lights!

In this guide, we’ll be talking about 5 ways you can use our solar lights to enhance the beauty of your garden and make this summer an unforgettable one!

Solar Flame Torch

The solar flame torch can easily add an exotic atmosphere to your garden aesthetic. The flame pattern bulb moves in a realistic way making it seem as though you’re actually surrounded by firelit torches without running the risk of having actual open flames! If you’re missing out on the travelling experience this summer, then bring a hint of that exciting exotic feeling straight to your backyard with these decorative torches!

Solar Powered Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are pretty much always a great option to decorate your garden with! These little twinkling lights can help bring the magic back by casting a soft warm glow around your deck or wrapped over a canopy! With the 17 meter length of string we provide to you, you can decorate your garden with peace of mind as you won’t have to worry about those dangerous extension cords lying around and frankly, looking rather ugly when left exposed.

Enjoy a nice book and a cup of tea or coffee as you sit on your deck or in a hammock with these sparkly lights brightening up your space.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

While a major appeal to sitting in the garden at night is to stargaze, it can be pretty difficult to navigate around the garden at night with no lights. Sure you could bring a flashlight out with you, but that’s an extra thing to carry and can be a hassle to keep track of. 

The outdoor motion sensor lights are the perfect solution in this case! Since they’re motion activated, you don’t have to worry about the harsh glare of the light interrupting your stargazing experience, while still being able to rely on them to safely make your way back inside when you’re done.

Heavy Duty Brick Path Lights

These cute little box lights are the perfect addition to light up your rocky paths and garden beds in a way that isn’t too jarring; but rather, enhances the beauty and appearance of your garden further!

With their heavy duty casing, they’re virtually weather-proof and can withstand quite a beating! Being solar powered, they can easily recharge during the day and light up the night with spots of light to create a mystical path to walk on at night!

Globe String Lights

The Globe String Lights just scream fun evening BBQ. These aesthetic bulbs are both dimmable and come in 25ft strands so you can hand them up and set them to provide the perfect mood lighting for your evening!

While this is the only contender on our list that actually isn’t solar powered, it’s too much of an iconic staple for us to keep from telling you about!

Feeling inspired to light up your garden after reading this list? Then click here to shop today and redecorate your garden to enjoy your summer nights fully!